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Eurail has been providing multi-destination train travel in Europe for almost six decades. With just one Eurail Pass, you will have the ability to travel in up to 28 different European countries, and there is a Pass to suit every trip. Pass validity can be as short as three days or as long as three months, and Eurail Passes can be adapted to your needs and wishes.
Eurail Passes can be purchased up to eleven months in advance, allowing you to book the Passes if/when you take advantage of early bird flight deals. With your Eurail Passes, you enjoy a variety of Pass Benefits, including free or discounted ferry crossings, transportation services, accommodation, attractions and city tours

Do take note of the difference between Continuous and Flexi Passes, and that there are three main Eurail Pass groups. A Continuous Pass gives you the freedom to travel on a fixed number of days during the validity of your passes. It's the best option for travelers who do not want to commit to a fixed itinerary, or for those who want to travel extensively.
A Flexi Pass entitles you to a set number of travel days within a specific period. It is best suited to travelers who know where they want to be and when, and it offers them the option of several rest days in between travel days.

Three Eurail Pass Groups:
  • Eurail Global Pass: valid in all 28 participating countries
  • Eurail Select Pass: valid in 2, 3 or 4 bordering countries
  • Eurail One Country Pass: valid in one of the 21 countries available for this Pass

    +High-Speed Trains
  • Europe is famous for its high-speed trains that cover hundreds of miles in just a few hours
  • They are also relatively new, hence very comfortable and sylish inside, making them an exciting and convenient way to travel
    • Popular High-Speed Trains
    • Thalys (traveling at speed up to 300 km/h) covers Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany
    • ICE/InterCity Express (speed up to 320 km/h) covers Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria
    • Frecciarossa (speed up to 300 km/h) covers Italy only
    • AVE (speed up to 300 km/h) covers Spain only

    +Scenic Trains
  • Europe is also home to some of the most stunning scenic train routes in the world, and again, most of these trains are included in the Eurail Pass, but reservations are often required and may be subject to a booking fee
    • Popular Scenic Routes
    • The Bernina Express is a breathtaking train ride through the snow capped mountain scenery of Switzerland and Italy
    • The Glacier Express is a delightful trip through the alpine heartland of Switzerland
    • The Golden Pass connects attractive valleys and towns of central Switzerland to Lake Geneva

    +Night Trains
  • Traveling by night train is a great way for travelers to keep their days free to enjoy a destination. The good news is that most European night trains are included in your Eurail pass, though additional charges may apply to make a reservation and/or if you want a higher comfort level
    • Popular Night Trains
    • ÖBB Nightjet for travel in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland
    • SJ Night Trains for travel in Sweden and Norway
  • Eurail Passes can be used to get discounted travel on a number of European ferry routes and boats. These journeys can sometimes help you to travel from one country to another quicker than by rail, or you can access islands situated off the mainland. This is a great way for you to see even more during a European vacation

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