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MITRA as a Travel Management Company/TMC fully understand the needs of a Corporate Traveller and therefore is committed in providing total customer satisfaction. We are able to do so because of our more than 45 years in the industry and the first travel company in Malaysia to be certified with the MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems Certification (in recognition of our adoption and practice of Total Quality Management in the provision of travel-related services).
    Generally, as a TMC that has knowledge in handling multinational and local companies in Malaysia, we can share our experience by giving recommendations on managing your travel operating cost i.e.
  • We will offer a ‘one stop shop' for virtually all travel-related services
  • A computer rervation system with front and back office integration that drives the consultants booking process and require the use of company and traveller profiles. These procedures provide automated feeds into our MIS system.
  • Set a metric for timeliness and accuracy for travel documents issued by MITRA.
  • Maintain a corporate/travel policy in accordance with your procedures.
  • Provide services for VIPs as determined by your company.
  • Vendor/supplier negotiations that improves and reduces your travel expenses.
  • Produce a large variety of standard, hard or soft copy reports that provide a detailed analysis of your monthly travel expenditure. These standard reports assist you to evaluate, monitor and control travel cost.
  • For specifics, please liaise with our managers in the Account Management Team at 03-21800333 or email to
With varying policies for each country, we know it’s hard to be abreast with each and every Visa requirement for the places you wish to travel to. Put us to the task of having your Visa effectively managed and save yourself the hassle. Our systems are geared to monitor recent updates and policy changes throughout the world.
Whether you are heading off for the weekend or embarking on a round-the-world voyage, you can choose the cover that matches your trip. For a well-suited cover, click below for Chubb Travel Insurance
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